SOZIALWERK Sankt Stanislaus SWS e.V.




The SWS Social Work Association (SozialWerk SWS e.V. in German) is a non-profit organization with the goal of alleviating human suffering that has been caused by fate in various ways. Poverty and social vulnerability are always consequences of complex causes and circumstances. This alone can not be changed by the SozialWerk alone, of course. The association can make live of poor people a little more bearable and decent. The humanitarian work is done by members of SozialWerk exclusively on a voluntary basis. The association supports needy people, associations and foundations, particularly children in immediate distress. Funding will provide treatment costs, therapies to relieve illness and measures to improve the quality of life. The SWS Social Work Association aims to improve the quality of life of affected children by funding, for example, recreational and therapeutic equipment, technology and other resources.



Our leading project "PARAMUSIX" has made its main mission to support disabled and socially disadvantaged people in a special way: as a central medium we use the interactive possibilities of music in all its forms. Inasmuch as we are not only granting financial resources for safeguarding of therapy places, but also actively promote the musical skills and Expression of these people. Music is an integral part of our society – to make music even by oneself is, especially for disabled and disadvantaged people, represents a concrete improvement in their quality of life. Last but not least we want in this way improve fundamentally the image of the disabled people themselves in society.

Under the motto "MUSIC FOR A BETTER LIFE" we pursue charitable objectives with various activities and promotion projects. On the one hand we organize gala concerts with renowned artists to generate funds for charitable purposes; on the other hand we create musical platforms and performance opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged people. Besides the financial support, the musical development is the major focus of our efforts. This may be the acquisition of a needed medical diagnostic device, taking over special treatment costs or the provision of musical instruments. For example we make musical instruments available for Orphanages or assume the cost of their music lessons. The "luxury" of making music should not be reserved only for a privileged class. All proceeds will benefit selected social institutions, which we present in every respective event in particular. The projects are usually funded by private donations. For its donors, the SozialWerk offers a lively and very personal first-hand reporting and an unusually high level of transparency concerning the use of the funds.

Let us help together with music and let's make a difference!

The good cause that we want to support we can only achieve together with you. Any amount of gift brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal - a place full of light and warmth for sick children. Thanks to the support of many friends and supporters we can let the face of an affected child shine up.